Twitter Transforms into ‘X’ on iOS App Store: A Bold Rebranding Move

'X' on iOS App
‘X’ on iOS App: Twitter Secures Special Permission to Go by ‘X’ on the iOS App Store Twitter’s recent rebranding ...
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“X” Logo Installed Atop Twitter Building, puts Elon Musk into trouble

Elon Musk into trouble
“X” logo install atop Twitter building spurring Span Francisco to invastigate parmit violation Elon Musk into trouble: Elon Musk, the ...
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Twitter Embraces Dark Mode: Elon Musk Announces Default Change

Twitter Embraces Dark Mode
Twitter’s Shift to “X” Branding and Dark Mode Default Twitter Embraces Dark Mode: In the ever-changing world of Twitter, the ...
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Foldable TV Viral Video: OLED Launches Self-Folding 8K TV, Netizens React with Hilarious Comments

Foldable TV
Foldable TV: Advancements in OLED TV Technology The world of TV technology is constantly evolving, and OLED displays have been ...
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Meta, Microsoft & Amazon Collaborate to Challenge Google Maps Dominance

Google Maps
Google Maps Dominance: A Major Shakeup in the Online Maps Industry Online maps have become an indispensable part of numerous ...
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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Flip 5: A Foldable Marvel with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC and Enhanced Features

Galaxy Z Flip 5
A Next-Gen Folding Experience: Galaxy Z Flip 5 Launched Samsung has once again set the tech world abuzz with its ...
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Elon Musk Explains Cause Behind Twitter’s Rebranding as X

Elon Musk
A Bold Move Unveiled: Elon Musk’s Vision for Twitter’s Transformation In a recent interview, the super billionaire entrepreneur and owner ...
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AI-Powered Travel Assistant: Redefining the Future of Travel Planning

AI-Powered Travel Assistant
In the rapidly evolving world of travel technology, AI-powered travel assistants have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way travelers ...
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Major Tech Companies Partner with US Government for Ethical AI Innovation

Promoting Responsible AI Development and Safeguarding User Trust In a landmark move, seven prominent tech giants, including Google, OpenAI, and ...
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WhatsApp Enhances Group Calling Experience, Now Supports Up to 15 Participants per Call

WhatsApp’s New Group Calling Feature Exciting news! Get ready for something thrilling! WhatsApp, the adored messaging app that links millions ...
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