Sharp’s latest mobile phone, featuring a 7240mAh battery and Dimensity 700 SoC, spotted on FCC.

Sharp, the renowned technology company, recently unveiled its highly anticipated 2023 Aquos series mobile phone lineup, featuring a range of impressive devices. The flagship models, Aquos R8 and Aquos R8 Pro, along with the mid-range Aquos Wish 3, have already garnered significant attention in the tech world.

In a recent development, it has come to light that Sharp has a new mobile phone in the works, which has successfully obtained FCC certification. The device, identified by the code name APYHRO00327, has surfaced on the FCC database, unveiling some intriguing specifications and features.

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According to the FCC listing, this upcoming smartphone from Sharp will be equipped with the powerful Dimensity 700 chip, which is also found in the popular mid-range Aquos Wish 3 model. This chipset ensures seamless performance and enhanced user experience.

The FCC database further reveals that the new Sharp mobile phone will boast a remarkable battery capacity. It will incorporate dual 3620mAh batteries, resulting in a staggering combined battery capacity of 7240mAh. Such a substantial battery capacity promises prolonged usage and a reliable power supply for the device.

Additionally, the FCC listing highlights that the forthcoming mid-range smartphone will support the cutting-edge WiFi 6 technology, enabling faster and more stable wireless connectivity.

Japanese media outlet Sumahodigest speculates that this particular mobile phone might have received limited LTE frequency band certifications, potentially indicating a custom device created in collaboration with Japanese operators.

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While specific details and features of the upcoming Sharp mobile phone remain unknown at this stage, we can expect a continuation of Sharp’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Previous releases from Sharp, such as the Aquos R8 Pro, have boasted impressive features, including a large touchscreen display with a resolution of 2730 x 1260 pixels, dual SIM capability, advanced connectivity options like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB Type-C, as well as biometric security features like 3D face recognition and fingerprint sensors.

It’s important to note that Sharp primarily focuses on the Japanese market, where it holds a modest market share. However, its reputation for delivering high-quality and feature-rich devices has gained recognition among tech enthusiasts globally.

As more information becomes available about this upcoming Sharp mobile phone, we’ll keep you updated on its specifications, features, and availability. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this exciting development in the world of smartphones.

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