Twitter Implements Temporary Limits on Daily Tweet Reading

In a recent declaration, Twitter owner Elon Musk revealed that the social media giant is enforcing a “temporary” restriction on the variety of tweets customers can examine per day. This move comes as a response to the rising levels of data scraping and system manipulation that have plagued the platform.

According to Musk, the imposed limits aim to address the “extreme levels” of these activities and mitigate their negative impact on the platform’s functionality and user experience. Twitter Blue subscribers, which include verified users, will now have a daily reading limit of 6,000 posts. Unverified users, on the other hand, will be limited to reading 600 posts per day. Musk further stated that new unverified accounts will have a reading limit of 300 tweets per day.

Musk indicated that Twitter plans to increase the thresholds in the near future. Verified users can expect their daily reading limit to rise to 8,000 posts, while unverified users may see their limit expand to 800 posts per day. New unverified users will likely have their limit increased to 400 tweets per day.

The decision to implement these restrictions comes as Twitter faced a surge in complaints from thousands of users worldwide who encountered various site issues on July 1. Many reported receiving error messages such as “rate limit exceeded” or “cannot retrieve tweets.” These issues affected the platform’s overall functionality and accessibility.

This improvement follows every other current trade made via Twitter, which prevents non-logged-in customers from accessing tweets, user profiles, or comments on the web. Instead, they are redirected to Twitter’s sign-in page, promoting a more secure and controlled user experience.

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Musk emphasized that these measures are temporary emergency measures. They were implemented to combat the excessive data scraping that was jeopardizing the service’s performance for regular users. By setting these limits, Twitter aims to protect user data and ensure a safer and more reliable platform for its global user base.

The decision to impose these limits reflects Twitter’s ongoing efforts to address the challenges posed by data scraping and system manipulation. The rise in these activities has prompted the platform to take proactive measures to safeguard user data and maintain a secure environment. By implementing these restrictions, Twitter aims to strike a balance between accessibility and protection for its users.

As Twitter continues to tackle these challenges, it underscores the ongoing battle against data scraping and system manipulation in the realm of social media. By implementing these measures, the company demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a secure and efficient platform while fostering a positive user experience.

Twitter’s temporary limits on daily tweet reading serve as a proactive step toward addressing the escalating issues of data scraping and system manipulation. These measures aim to safeguard user data and enhance the overall functionality and security of the platform. With ongoing efforts to increase the limits, Twitter is striving to strike a balance between accessibility and protection for its users.

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