Shib2.0 Rockets 8000%: Are These Meme Coins Ready to Explode Next?

Shiba2.0: A Meteoric Rise in the Meme Coin Market

After its recent launch on July 6th, Shib2.0 has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, experiencing an astonishing surge of 8,286% within just 24 hours. This incredible bullish momentum is evident from the continuous green candles illuminating its price chart. Investors and crypto enthusiasts have been captivated by Shib2.0’s unprecedented growth, as it skyrocketed from a value of $0.0000000000 to $0.00000003501 in no time.

Shib2.0 Seizes the Spotlight

Shib2.0’s rise in popularity is reflected in its market capitalization which currently stands at an impressive $14.36 million, with a 24-hour trading volume of $24.12 million. This surge in interest is largely driven by investors seeking to capture gains similar to the historic run of Shiba Inu in 2021.

Gaining Credibility through Centralized Exchange Listings

To further establish its legitimacy, Shib2.0 has secured listings on centralized exchanges. Notably, both and LBank have announced their listings of Shib2.0. The announcement from LBank sparked an immediate price surge of over 100%., on the other hand, made its announcement more recently, resulting in a temporary stagnation of the price. While Shib2.0 continues to soar, the original Shiba Inu token has experienced a slight decline of 0.5% in the past 24 hours.

Mixed Fortunes for Shiba Inu

While Shib2.0 gains traction, the long-term outlook for Shiba Inu appears less promising. SHIB has witnessed a decline of 9.56% over the past month and a significant drop of 31.32% in the previous year. Recent concerns have emerged regarding Voyager, a bankrupt crypto lender, as it moves billions of SHIB, leading to speculations of potential liquidation that could significantly impact the token’s price. However, Shiba Inu’s BONE token offers a glimmer of hope, recording a notable increase of 19.17% in the last seven days. This surge is attributed to the ongoing development of Shiba Inu’s layer two Shibarium, where BONE will be utilized for gas fees, creating a demand-driven utility for the token.

Exploring the Next Potential Meme Coins

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, investors and enthusiasts are keen to identify the next meme coins with the potential to make substantial gains. While the recent surge in meta 2.0 meme coins has been met with enthusiasm, critics express concerns over the sustainability of their gains, given their lack of unique or exciting features compared to established meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe.

Wall Street Memes: A Promising Contender

Wall Street Memes has emerged as a notable player in the meme coin space, surpassing multiple presale milestones and generating significant buzz. With a presale that has reached an impressive $13 million, crypto analysts, including AltcoinGURU, are proclaiming it as the next meme coin primed for explosive growth. Wall Street Memes holds an advantage due to its association with the Wall Street Memes social media brand, boasting over one million followers across its various accounts. The project’s strong crypto track record is evident from the successful launch of the Wall St Bulls NFT collection, which sold out in a mere 32 minutes, amassing a total trading volume of 1,866 ETH. Wall Street Memes aims to “tokenize the movement,” combining community and humor to challenge traditional finance.

Chimpzee: Meme Coins with a Cause

Chimpzee presents another promising meme coin with its unique approach. While it shares the characteristics of a meme coin, Chimpzee stands out by enabling its community to earn rewards simply by holding the coin. Notably, the project also contributes to climate action and animal conservation efforts. Through partnerships with charitable organizations such as The Giving Block, One Tree Planted, and Wild, Chimpzee has already planted 20,000 trees in Guatemala. Moreover, the project goes beyond meme coin status, incorporating an NFT marketplace, a merchandise store, and a Play-to-Earn game, adding additional value to its ecosystem.

Investment Opportunities and Future Outlook

For those considering investment opportunities, Chimpzee’s presale presents an intriguing proposition. With $744,400 raised in the ongoing presale, investors can currently purchase $CHIMPZ at a discounted price of $0.00067. However, as the presale progresses, the price will incrementally increase, culminating in an exchange listing price of $0.00185. Investors who take advantage of the presale stand to gain a significant 176% discount compared to the future listing price.

As the meme currency market continues to evolve and attract investors, it is also important to be thoroughly researched before making an investment decision. While Shib2.0 has experienced an astounding surge, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market necessitates careful consideration of risks and potential rewards. As the quest for the next big meme coin continues, Wall Street Memes and Chimpzee stand out as potential contenders due to their innovative approaches and promising developments.

As always, investors are advised to consult with financial professionals and stay informed about market trends and regulatory changes. The cryptocurrency landscape is dynamic, and only time will tell which meme coins will sustain their momentum and deliver long-term value.

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