Twitter Transforms into ‘X’ on iOS App Store: A Bold Rebranding Move

‘X’ on iOS App: Twitter Secures Special Permission to Go by ‘X’ on the iOS App Store

Twitter’s recent rebranding as ‘X’ has raised eyebrows in the tech world, and now it seems the company has received special treatment from Apple. The social media giant is now listed as ‘X’ in the iOS App Store, an exception to Apple’s rule forbidding single-character app names. Along with the rebranding, X also updated its tagline in the App Store from “it’s what’s happening” to “blaze your glory!” This change aligns with a phrase that Musk posted on Twitter earlier. This move has sparked speculation that Apple may be seeking to maintain a positive relationship with Elon Musk, the owner of ‘X,’ given their previous encounter over the Twitter app’s fate.

Shortly after Twitter’s announcement of its rebranding as ‘X,’ the company faced a hurdle when it came to its listing in the iOS App Store. Apple’s guidelines traditionally prohibit single-character app names within the store. Interestingly, despite the initial roadblock, Twitter’s app name already displayed as ‘X’ on iPhones and iPads.

Apple’s Exception: A Sign of Amicability?

The fact that Twitter is now listed as ‘X’ in the App Store suggests that Apple might have made an exception in this case. Speculation abounds that Apple may be eager to maintain a positive relationship with Elon Musk, who is known for his eccentric and sometimes controversial posts on Twitter.

Notably, late last year, when Musk was still Twitter’s CEO, he accused Apple of threatening to remove the Twitter app from the App Store. However, the situation was seemingly resolved after Musk met with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and clarified that it was a mere misunderstanding.

Blazing Glory: Twitter’s New Tagline

As part of its rebranding efforts, Twitter has also updated its tagline in the App Store. The previous tagline, “it’s what’s happening,” has been replaced with the more fiery slogan, “blaze your glory!” Interestingly, this phrase was tweeted by Musk himself earlier, adding to the intrigue surrounding Twitter’s transformation.

Clumsy Transition to ‘X’

Twitter’s transition to ‘X’ has been less than smooth. The new “interim” logo, resembling a Unicode symbol, surfaced on the social network after Musk tweeted about it multiple times the day before. The logo appears to be more permanent now, as an eye-catching, brightly-lit version now adorns Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The exception could be a sign Apple wants to keep the hatchet buried with X owner Elon Musk. Late last year, the then-CEO of Twitter accused Apple of threatening to remove the Twitter app from the store. After meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Musk later said it was a simple “misunderstanding.”

Handle and Domain Name Changes

In a bid to fully embrace the ‘X’ identity, Twitter’s former official account on the network switched to simply ‘@X.’ This change came after the handle was successfully acquired from a user who had held it since 2007. However, Twitter still faces some hurdles in completing its transition. The domain name has yet to redirect to, with the current arrangement being the opposite. Additionally, Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription service, still retains its original name.

As Twitter endeavors to fully integrate its ‘X’ identity across all platforms and services, the tech world eagerly watches how this rebranding will shape the company’s future trajectory. The special permission granted by Apple for the single-character name in the App Store adds an intriguing dimension to the evolving relationship between the tech giants and Elon Musk’s transformative vision for the platform.

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